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    Our Story

    The first Igloo was opened in 1932, by Grandparents Charles and Florence Kirkhoff.  The original location still remains at Main Street and Wallace Avenue in Lafayette.  It is considered to be the oldest continuously-operated Frozen Custard stand and one of the oldest family operated businesses in the Midwest.

    When "The Igloo" first opened in 1932, only Vanilla Frozen Custard was served.  Back in the day, "Pop", had to use salt to freeze his Frozen Custard because refrigeration and freezers were not yet available.  As time went by and technology improved, more flavors of Frozen Custard were added, in addition to carbonated beverages. We have proudly served Coca-Cola® products since 1934.

    The original building adorned low hanging plywood icicles and several were broken off because people hit their heads on them.  A new, modern building was built in 1947.

    In 1969, Charles and Florence passed the business down to their daughter Charlene and son-in-law, Dick.  The Igloo was renamed "The Original Frozen Custard" and more products, flavors and an expanded food menu evolved.  Referred to by locals as "The Custard", it still remains a favorite local tradition! 

    3 generations later in 1998, grandson Bill and wife Kathy brought back "The Igloo" using many original recipes and their goal of staying true to the highest standards of tradition, quality and service to the community.  There are now 2 "Igloo" locations on Veterans Memorial Parkway that offer year-round service, with inside dining, covered patio and drive-up window. The Igloo expanded their line of Frozen Custard flavors, added more sundaes and sandwiches and brought back the old "Custard" sandwich favorite the "Original Double Decker".

    "We dip up smiles", is not just our motto but our mindset and reflects our approach to service.  We also believe in "CELEBRATING life and making SWEET memories".  We want to give our customers a reason to smile and enjoy one of Lafayette's finest treats and traditions...Igloo Frozen Custard.

    Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your family.